A common question we receive from kids is: “What do I do if a friend makes fun of me?”

If it’s a Friendship Fire®, we always encourage them to Talk-it-Out when the time is right and work their way around the Friend-o-Cycle. But, lots of times, it’s just a little moment (not a conflict) that simply requires one of our favourite strategies called: ASK & PASS.

ASK & PASS is one of our 4 strategies in our Friendology friendship skills curriculum for schools that teaches kids how to make new friends and deepen connections. ASK & PASS is specifically focused on helping them learn and practise the art of conversation. We explain to students that a conversation is like a game of catch: They ask a question (throw the ball), the other person answers (catch the ball), and then asks them a question back (pass the ball back). Ask and pass, ask and pass, back and forth.

However, when kids are ‘questioned’ about something that highlights a difference between them and their friends, it can sometimes evoke feelings of insecurity or they feel self-conscious. We need to remind children and teens that they’re not the same as their friends & they’re not supposed to be + when someone notices something ‘different’ about them, to simply ask them a question back.

Here’s how the ASK & PASS strategy works:

  • Kid 1: “What’s that weird mark on your leg?”
  • Kid 2: “It’s a birthmark. Do you have a birthmark?
  • Kid 1: “Eww! Do you like hummus? That’s gross!”
  • Kid 2: “Yep, I love hummus. What’s in your lunch?
  • Kid 1: “I got 95% on the test. What did you get?”
  • Kid 2: “I failed it, actually. Have you ever failed a test? Any tips for me?

We say to students, “When it feels like someone is making fun of you or asking you a question that makes you uncomfortable, don’t hold onto the ball. Throw it back by asking them question!” It helps take the focus off them and the conversation keeps on rolling.

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Written by: Dana Kerford
Founder & Friendship Expert