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Our Licensed Presenters

Meet our Team

Our team of Presenters have a background in education and psychology, a wealth of experience in working with young girls and boys, and an untamed passion around inspiring and empowering this generation of kids. They have been carefully selected and extensively trained and coached by Founder, Dana Kerford, in the areas of friendship and conflict-resolution.

Our Licensed Presenters are qualified, professional educators with an in-depth understanding of the URSTRONG curriculum, delivering workshops throughout their communities, within schools and public venues.

We currently have Licensed Presenters in Canada & Australia

Join our Team

Are you interested in joining our team and becoming a Licensed URSTRONG Presenter?

We are always interested in top-quality educators who have experience working with children, a background in education or psychology, and a personality that shines! Keep an eye out for when we call for applications in your area and be sure to stay connected with us. Preference is given to teachers who have been teaching our Friendology 101 curriculums in their school.

If you think you’d be a good fit with our team, we’d love to meet you! Drop us a line at info@urstrong.com