Bring the Friendology Student Handbook to your school

Friendology all year long!

These handbooks serve as the perfect enrichment tool to guide discussions around Friendology’s core concepts all year long, helping students apply, analyse, & think creatively about their friendship skills.

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Friendology Student Handbooks

These colourful student handbooks are packed with engaging activities & reflections, making teaching Friendology even easier – no prep work required.

Differentiated by year level, the Friendology Handbooks target each stage of our students’ social-emotional development. From helping our little learners invite a new friend to play to helping tweens reflect on the complexities of friendship groups, the handbooks are packed with relatable activities!

Be sure to take a moment and preview the Year levels that are relevant to you. We can’t wait to hear what you think and please don’t hesitate to request a no-obligation quote for your school.

Friendology Handbook – Year 1

Friendology Handbook – Year 2

Friendology Handbook – Year 3

Friendology Handbook – Year 4

Friendology Handbook – Year 5

Friendology Handbook – Year 6