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Creating a
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As educators, you know first-hand that friendships are everything to your students. URSTRONG provides teachers with kid-friendly concepts that help kids establish + maintain healthy relationships, manage conflict with kindness, and increase their overall resilience.

How will URSTRONG improve our school?

Created by a teacher, for teachers

Lesson plans, videos and activities have been created with your needs in mind. Weekly updates and regular webinars ensure that you’re always current!

Kids’ language for kids’ problems

Language and concepts that can be immediately put into practice are keys to a positive, lasting impact. As one teacher put it, “So simple and so effective!”

Using a fun, ‘real life’ approach

URSTRONG provides practical relationship strategies to improve the social climate in your classrooms and in your own relationships as well.

A whole-school strategy is key!

We’re all about empowering kids with the skills to manage their friendships while providing teachers and parents with a common language to support them.

Why become a URSTRONG School?

We’re so excited to share a huge variety of videos, activities, lesson plans, articles and more with our community of schools from around the world!


Discover the
Friendship Journal

This annual planner promotes mental health + wellbeing through friendship skills. With reflection questions, activities, and monthly themes, The Friendship Journal ties URSTRONG’s whole-school friendship strategy together – connecting home + school on a daily basis.

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What educators are sharing with us!

We love what we do and we love hearing the heart-warming stories from educators about the impact URSTRONG is having on their school community!

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URSTRONG has reached over a million kids, parents and teachers around the world.
We are so grateful for all of our URSTRONG Schools who are prioritizing social-emotional wellbeing!

Do you have a question about
becoming a URSTRONG School?

Here are some questions we’ve been asked before, but definitely get in touch if you’re still wondering about anything!

Do our teachers need to attend training?

No, but it’s highly recommended. In order for them to teach their students to be Friendship Ninjas, they must be Friendship Ninjas themselves!

Our Friendology 101 Educator Training allows your teachers to learn directly from our Founder, Dana. In addition to learning how to teach the curriculum and implement a whole-school strategy, they will learn the science of friendship and why social-emotional learning must be prioritized in schools! Many of our URSTRONG Schools have had their entire staff trained in our curriulum, so that they’re all on the same page and working together as a team. Another bonus within the training is seeing pictures and hearing ideas from other URSTRONG Schools around the world!

Our school already has a wellbeing program. Can we integrate URSTRONG?

URSTRONG is a school-wide relationship strategy that can complement existing wellbeing programs or serve as the foundation for an emerging social-emotional wellbeing program at your school.

What’s unique about URSTRONG is that everything we do is through the lens of friendship skills. This is because all of the wellbeing science proves that relationships are the heart of wellbeing. Research shows that healthy friendships in childhood and adolescence promote positive mental health improving reslience, self-concept, a sense of purpose, academic performance, and attitudes towards learning (Vitaro F., Boivin M., & Bukowski W.M., 2009). We also know that when children experience unhealthy friendships, conflict in friendships, or social isolation, they often display symptoms of anxiety, depression, and have difficulty learning. In addition, children who are struggling socially are more likely to disengage and avoid school. Ultimately, when we get friendships right in schools, students flourish.

Our Friendology 101 Facilitator’s Guide demonstrates how our curriculum aligns with CASEL’s SEL framework and Positive Education’s PERMA model. We have also built out a number of resources that demonstrate how to align our friendship strategy with other social-emotional frameworks. For example, Zones of Regulation, Character Strengths, and theoretical frameworks focused on neuroscience, such as Dan Seigel’s Flipping Your Lid model of the brain and Ash Buchanan’s Benefit Mindset (an evolution of Growth Mindset). In our Friendology 101 Educator Training, we discuss other programs and resources that have a natural fit with our social-emotional wellbeing approach (e.g. Bucket Filler resources, Kimochis, Leader in Me, PBL, Restorative Practices, Berry Street, etc.).

Be sure to get in touch to learn how schools at different stages of their wellbeing journey have integrated URSTRONG into their wellbeing frameworks.

How do I know if URSTRONG aligns with our curriculum guidelines?

It does! Friendology 101 meets learning objectives that are set out in provincial, state, and national health curriculums around the world. The development of interpersonal skills, emotional literacy, and conflict-resolution are central to the URSTRONG programming.

In our Educator Resource Centre, you will find documents that map our curriculum to standards around the world including the Australian Curriculum and a Scope & Sequence document that will help you introduce Friendology 101 to your students. We also clearly list our Student Learning Outcomes within every resource and lesson to make it easy for you to map it against your school’s standards. Our Facilitator’s Guide also details how our curriculum aligns with the CASEL framework and the PERMA (Positive Education) model.

Is URSTRONG an anti-bullying program?

Here at URSTRONG we intentionally do not position our company as an anti-bullying organization as we believe that providing children, at an early age, with the skills and language to normalize and manage conflict between friends and differentiate everyday disagreements from ‘mean-on-purpose’ is the most effective preventative strategy to combat bullying.

Our curriculum employs kid-friendly language and concepts to maximize the knowledge retention and skills development and we speak to children across the full ‘sensitivity spectrum’ (addressing shy/sensitive kids who might profile as ‘victims’ as well as the outspoken/aggressive kids who might profile as ‘bullies’).

We want to bring URSTRONG to our school. Where’s the best place to start?

We’ve found that hosting a Language of Friendship (parent-child) workshop is a great way to introduce URSTRONG to your school community for a few reasons:

  • These workshops are very popular as they provide a host of kid-friendly concepts and tips for parents to create dialogue with their children around friendship issues.
  • We also provide complimentary tickets to all teachers so that they can learn the same language and skills to support the students at school.
  • This is also a great no-cost option for schools as they most often provide a venue and promotional support while the parents register and pay for themselves.

Every school has different needs and challenges and most of our introductions have come from dedicated parents, teachers or administrators who have emailed or called to learn about URSTRONG. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at to start the conversation.

Do you offer your curriculum in different languages?

Currently our curriculum and resources are only available in English. However, you are welcome to teach the lessons in any language you want – just noting that the handouts and resources are in English. Hopefully one day we will be able to offer our resources in a range of languages!