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Friendology Training
for Educators

Transform your school into a URSTRONG School by learning how to implement + embed our whole-school friendship curriculum. Educators get training in our unique language, skills, and strategies along with the science & research supporting social-emotional wellbeing.

Here’s a Quick Glance at our Educator Training! Whether we are GOOD, GREAT, or BEST FRIENDS, all of the teachers at your school get access to training videos anytime!

What are the benefits of Friendology Training?

Learn the Science of Friendship

Relationships are the heart of wellbeing. Learn the science behind our curriculum and whole-school friendship strategy, along with emerging wellbeing science, directly from our Founder.

Learn the Language of Friendship

Before you can teach your students to be Friendship Ninjas, you must become one yourself. Learn the lingo + strategies so that you can teach your new friendship skills.

Explore the Curriculum & Resources

Get a guided tour of Friendology, our whole-school curriculum, and all the resources available to you. Learn how to implement, embed, enrich, and assess our friendship strategy.

Become a URSTRONG School

Craft an implementation plan, design your launch strategy, and learn about fun and creative ideas from URSTRONG Schools around the globe.

Join us LIVE online to
Kick-Off & Wrap-Up Your School’s Training!

Educators at URSTRONG Schools with GOOD, GREAT, or BEST FRIENDS membership tiers are invited to attend our LIVE online introductory & wrap-up sessions. These sessions are designed for whole-staff training.

CAN’T ATTEND LIVE? No worries – video recordings will be sent the following day to all registered URSTRONG Schools.

Enhance Your Training
with a Virtual Day of Friendship

Want a “Friendship Expert” to show you our whole-school friendship strategy in action? With a Best Friends membership, your teachers get to sit back and relax while we teach the core concepts to your students.

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What Educators are saying about
Friendology Training

The top 3 words used to describe our training: Engaging, Inspiring, and Positive!