Supporting your child through the ups and downs of friendship!

Do you often find yourself at a loss for advice when your children come to you with their friendship issues? Don’t worry, you’re not alone and we’re here to help. URSTRONG provides simple but meaningful language and skills to open up a dialogue with your kids.

Encourage your child’s school to teach our friendship skills curriculum. Share this document with all the details: HOW TO BECOME A URSTRONG SCHOOL!

How will URSTRONG help me?

We’ve got your back!

We know how heart-breaking it is to watch your child struggle with friendship issues and we’re here to provide support and answers to those tricky questions.

Kids’ language for kids’ problems

Our kid-friendly approach creates a common language to open up those lines of communication, helping you feel closer to your child while building trust.

Practical skills and effective coaching techniques

You will gain confidence to support your child through friendship dramas. Gone will be the days of resorting to saying, “Just ignore it!” or “Suck it up!”.

Empowering kids with friendship skills

You will learn how to empower your child to make healthier decisions in their friendships and put out Friendship Fires® (resolve conflict) in a respectful way.

URSTRONG Family Membership

In 2020, during the global pandemic, we decided to make membership for parents FREE FOR LIFE!

  • Learn language and strategies that mirror our Friendology 101 friendship skills curriculum, taught in our URSTRONG Schools.
  • Watch our 8-session Language of Friendship video series with your child to learn lingo and strategies to foster healthy friendships.
  • With a growing library of over a 100 resources, parents & carers can choose from videos, activities, worksheets, and art projects all year long.
  • Let us do the teaching for you! Our self-guided videos are designed for your child to learn independently. Just push play!

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How does URSTRONG work?

URSTRONG is all about empowering kids with friendship skills! We’ve developed a proven, skills-based strategy that provides a host of kid-friendly concepts, skills and language to help them build and maintain healthy friendships.

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What parents are saying about URSTRONG

We love what we do and we love hearing the heart-warming stories from parents and teachers about the impact URSTRONG is having on the special kids in their lives!