Deb Perich

Perth, WA, Australia
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Dr Debra Perich is a Wellbeing Consultant for Catholic Education of Western Australia serving nearly 200 schools across WA

As the former Director of InsideOut, Deb Perich brought URSTRONG to the first school in Australia: Perth College.  In addition to implementing URSTRONG’s whole-school friendship strategy, she embedded wellbeing initiatives across all year levels. Through Deb’s leadership, Perth College and InsideOut became trailblazers in Positive Education, regularly hosting Positive Education Conferences in WA.

Deb has been teaching in the area of Health and Physical Education for over 20 years and is passionate about helping children become the best that they can be and empowering them to pursue their dreams. Deb has an academic background in Leadership, Health, and Wellbeing and her PhD was a multi-disciplinary intervention program in schoolgirl rowers.

As a former Licensed URSTRONG Presenter and mum to Ella, Deb has facilitated hundreds of URSTRONG workshops across Australia. Deb continues to work closely with URSTRONG in an advisory capacity and in partnership with CEWA.