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Language of Friendship: Introduction

Want a sneak peek into a URSTRONG workshop? Join us to learn all about our friendship strategy & core concepts!

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Friendship Fire or Mean-on-Purpose?

Conflict is tricky! How can we tell the difference between Friendship Fires, Mean-on-Purpose, Mean-by-Accident, and Bullying?

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Friendology 101: Introduction

Want a sneak peek into our Friendology curriculum? Watch Dana teach Session 1, designed with kids in grades 3 to 6 in mind.

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Featured Events

Come join us at a URSTRONG workshop! Not only are our Licensed Presenters top-notch Friendship Experts, they are also warm, kind, and super fun!

Jun 24

NCGS Virtual Conference: Building Communities of Belonging

Online Webinar
Event Category:
Dana Kerford
12:00 am - 11:59 pm
Jun 25

Keynote Presentation: Growing & Developing Healthy Relationships Symposium (Curtin University)

URSTRONG Classroom
Dana Kerford
2:30 am - 4:00 pm
Jul 19

Private Friendology 101 Educator Training (Hope Christian College)

URSTRONG Classroom
Event Category:
Dana Kerford
10:00 am - 11:00 am

What parents and educators are sharing with us

We love what we do and we love hearing the heart-warming stories from parents and teachers about the impact URSTRONG is having on the special kids in their lives!

URSTONG has not only empowered our students with the life skills to foster healthy relationships, it has also empowered our teachers and parents.

Daniel Sandral, Head of Junior School
MLC School, Sydney

Thank you for having the wisdom to offer URSTRONG to boys as well as girls. I see the complexities in boys’ friendships are often underappreciated or mishandled.

Michelle, Michael’s mom

URSTRONG fits in seamlessly to our whole school approach to wellbeing, equipping students with a language that creates healthy, respectful friendships.

David Kolpak, Head of Junior Years
St Peter’s College

The skills we learned are still helping us communicate about friendships over a year later. They will help guide us both in making friendships for the rest of our lives.

Melanie Tewman

URSTRONG has enriched and complimented our school values with great language, practices and perspective.

Adrian Torrese, Assistant Principal
Our Lady of the Cape Primary School

Your simple, practical tips on how to behave in the face of conflict reinforces the fundamental belief that we all deserve to be treated with respect.

Emily Rytmeister

URSTRONG’s focus on developing friendship skills and building the resilience of students is EXACTLY what schools need!

Jamie Wahab, Principal
St Christopher’s Catholic Primary School

I was so impressed at how much information my daughter retained and the confidence it gave her to deal with issues in the playground tomorrow.

Peppi Cooley

This is one of the best, most impactful practical applications of wellbeing science in schools that we have seen.

David Bott, Associate Director
Institute of Positive Education

Latest news from URSTRONG

New Curriculum + New Website Launching Soon!

Friendology 101 will expand to 8 sessions per stage We’ve got a whole new website on the way with exciting new updates for our URSTRONG Schools! The new Friendology 101

URSTRONG and Be You Australia

URSTRONG is pleased to announce that Be You, a national initiative in Australia focused on Mental Health in Education, has accepted our Friendology 101 curriculum into their Be You Program’s

SnapChat’s Global Friendship Report 2020

We are pleased to announce that our Founder, Dana Kerford, has been featured in SnapChat’s Global Friendship Report for a second year in a row. As one of 17 experts

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