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Want a Friendship Expert to work with your school? Host our Language of Friendship (parent-child) or Day of Friendship (student-only) workshops either online or in-person. Our workshops are engaging, interactive, and FUN!

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URSTRONG Workshops
for Schools

of Friendship

Grades 1 through 6 + Parents

60 to 90 mins

Through interactive parent-child activities, parents learn strategies to help their child put out Friendship Fires™, how to put a voice to their feelings, and the best ways to support their child through unhealthy friendships. They also get an overview of URSTRONG’s core principles and whole-school friendship strategy. This workshop gives kids, parents, and teachers a common “language” for talking about friendships, helping them connect and open up those lines of communication.

Grades 1&2

Fuzzies & Friends

45 to 60 mins

In this workshop, students learn what’s normal in a friendship, the importance of trust & respect, and how to use the Friend- o-meter to assess healthy versus unhealthy friendships.

Grades 3&4

Heart of Friendship

60 to 90 mins

Through fun role-play with teddy bears, children learn the basics of friendship including the 4 Friendship Facts, qualities of a “green-zone” friend, and how to use the Friend-o-meter to understand the difference.

Grades 5&6

Friendship Fires

60 to 90 mins

In this workshop, students learn what’s normal in a friendship, the importance of trust & respect, and how to use the Friend- o-meter to assess healthy versus unhealthy friendships.

Grades 7&8

Friendship Tips for Teens

60 mins

In this workshop, students learn URSTRONG’s friendship framework and how it applies to both the real world and their online world. They learn what’s normal in a friendship, the importance of trust & respect.


Want to host a
Day of Friendship?

Check out some highlights from a Day of Friendship at Perth College (Perth, WA, Australia) + see the many creative ways they have brought our friendship strategy to life at their school.

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Have a question about our School Workshops?

Check out some common questions below, but don’t hesitate to reach out if you still need some help.

How do your online/virtual workshops work?

I’m so glad you asked! We’ve now done hundreds of online workshops since COVID-19 closed schools down and are pros at this “new way” of teaching. While in-person workshops are still possible in areas we have Licensed Presenters, our online workshops have proven to be just as impactful and, in the case of our parent-child workshops, EVEN BETTER!

For Day of Friendship workshops, we create zoom links for each session. Students can log-in via their individual devices or teachers can log-in and display the session up on their interactive boards or screens.

For our Language of Friendship (parent-child) workshop, parents register online to attend. They are sent the log-in details and simply click on the link when it’s go-time. Parents & children have the option to have their cameras on/off and can use the chat functionality to ask questions. The school is requested to welcome their families at the beginning and introduce our Presenter!

We want to bring URSTRONG to our school. Where’s the best place to start?

We’ve found that hosting a Language of Friendship (parent-child) workshop is a great way to introduce URSTRONG to your school community for a few reasons:

  • These workshops are very popular as they provide a host of kid-friendly concepts and tips for parents to create dialogue with their children around friendship issues.
  • We also provide complimentary tickets to all teachers so that they can learn the same language and skills to support the students at school.
  • This is also a great no-cost option for schools as they most often provide a venue and promotional support while the parents register and pay for themselves.

Every school has different needs and challenges and most of our introductions have come from dedicated parents, teachers or administrators who have emailed or called to learn about URSTRONG. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@urstrong.com to start the conversation.

For a Language of Friendship (Parent-Child) Workshop do both myself and my child need a ticket?

Yes, every person who attends a workshop needs a ticket (both adults and children). It is also very important that you attend together… This workshop is designed for interactive activities and will strengthen your connection (along with teaching you both lots of tips for forming healthy, feel-good friendships!).

What if I’m attending a parent-child workshop and have a younger child who isn’t yet school-aged. Can I bring them along?

Our workshops are only for school-aged children and their parents/caregivers. We are not able to accommodate younger children at our in-school workshops (unless a school specifically states that they are providing childcare for the duration of the workshop). However, for our online workshops, you are more than welcome to have them sit in on the session… We’ve even had beloved pets attend our sessions! (One dog transformed into a Friendship Ninja! Anything is paw-sible!)

Can I attend a workshop that is listed as private?

No, private workshops are only for the members of that specific school community. Please keep your eye out for another public workshop close by to you that you can attend, or consider asking your school to host a Language of Friendship (parent-child) workshop.