We’re always working with our global network of schools to help them get the most out of their URSTRONG School membership. In the past year, we’ve modified our URSTRONG School membership tiers to better reflect some of the key elements of success including:

  1. The importance of whole-staff training: Ensuring all the teachers and support staff at a school have a shared understanding of URSTRONG’s concepts, skills and language is key to providing consistent support to students. Our whole-school Friendology Educator Training is now a key feature in 3 of our 4 membership tiers.
  2. Parent engagement is critical: Creating a common language of friendship for parents and teachers to support their kids is a cornerstone of URSTRONG’s success. To help ensure this outcome, our URSTRONG Family membership is free to all URSTRONG School families and our Language of Friendship (parent-child) workshop is included in our Great and Best Friends memberships.
  3. Always learning, always growing: Working with our URSTRONG School students and teachers every day inspires us to create new resources and tools that reflect their needs. Friendology student handbooks, our Friend-o-Leader peer support program, regular webinars and monthly bulletin board content are just a few examples of recent additions to our Resource Centre.

As of July 2022, our URSTRONG School membership tiers reflect this evolution:

If you’re a URSTRONG School and you’d like to discuss your upgrade options, please contact Michael at michael@urstrong.com.

If you’re considering becoming a URSTRONG School, we strongly recommend signing up for our 14 Day Free Trial to experience Friendology first-hand.

And, if you’re a parent or teacher who would like to share URSTRONG with your school’s administration or Parent Council, we’d encourage you to download our Becoming a URSTRONG School presentation.