Wellbeing Through the Lens of Friendship

After years and years of requests, URSTRONG is pleased to announce the launch of The Friendship Journal. This annual planner for schools is designed to promote mental health + wellbeing through friendship skills.

With stickers, reflection questions, and monthly themes, The Friendship Journal ties URSTRONG’s whole-school friendship strategy together – connecting home + school on a daily basis.

A few of the unique and exciting features include:
  • Friendship Ninja Tracker: Students set a friendship goal (e.g. help out friends) and track it for 2 weeks on a fun, playful colouring-in activity. At the end of the 2 weeks, they also record their friendships on the Friend-o-meter to see if there’s a link (e.g. did helping my friends out more improve my friendships?)
  • Monthly Themes: Each month looks at wellbeing through the lens of friendship. The 12 themes are: self-compassion, respect, trust, diversity, kindness, empathy, forgiveness, gratitude, courage, honesty, fun, and community!
  • Loads of Learning Opportunities: Each month features a country so kids can learn a new language, reflection questions, activities, quotes…so many “Teachable Moments” woven in and lots of links to our Friendology 101 curriculum.
  • Customizable: Schools can customize the front & back covers to match their school’s branding and needs, plus up to 10 unique pages to include special information.

We can’t wait to see these in the hands of our URSTRONG Schools and feel they will be the perfect way to reinforce a common ‘language of friendship’ between kids, parents, and teachers.


Orders must be placed by Nov 15th, 2020. Email michael@urstrong.com to discuss details and/or request a quote for your school.