To bring about more peace in 2023, try following our 2 Day Rule at URSTRONG when supporting kids in their friendships. Here’s how it works:

When a child comes to you about a Friendship Fire with a friend, your instinct might be to swoop in and solve their problem for them. Rather than texting the other child’s parents or calling the teacher (or, if you’re their teacher, giving up your lunch to mediate), give it 2 days!

Say to your child: “I know you & your friend can figure this out! What can you do to get it back in the Green-Zone on the Friend-o-Meter? You’ve got this!” Offer them some tips, role-play, but most importantly…remind yourself that it’s normal for children to have Friendship Fires & they can survive them!

These are powerful moments in a friendship and, all too often, parents (mostly Moms!) get wayyyyy too involved and try to solve the problem for their child. This robs kids of learning one of life’s most important skills: conflict-resolution. Instead, believe in your child and trust that they’ll get through this Fire with their friend. Give it just 2 days and, almost always, kids are back to being best friends again and they’ve moved on!

P.S. If you do get a text from a parent getting overly involved and trying to drag you into it, simply text back: “I’m sure they’ll figure it out. Give it 2 days! ✌️” Trust us on this, kids do not want their parents getting involved in their friendship issues. Stay out of it & just focus on supporting your own child!

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