Friendology 101 will expand to 8 sessions per stage

We’ve got a whole new website on the way with exciting new updates for our URSTRONG Schools!

The new Friendology 101 has truly been the biggest project that URSTRONG has ever undertaken and our team is working tirelessly to get everything complete. We will be releasing Years 1 to 6 first, given all of our URSTRONG Schools are Primary Schools. We will then release the Year 7&8 curriculum, followed by Early Years curriculum.

A few things to highlight:

  • For every stage, the first session focuses on self-compassion (called “Inner Ninja”) and the last session is a review and celebration, tying it all together.
  • The format is consistent throughout and each stage completes a culminating project focused on empathy (called “Friendology Shoecase”), combining self-awareness and social awareness.
  • Each stage contains a session on Tricky Situations where common, age-appropriate issues are addressed.
  • Early Years & Years 1&2 sessions are designed to be 20-30 minutes, while the older grades are designed to be 45-60 minutes.
  • As always, teachers will have the option to play the videos (our Founder, Dana, teaches your students!) or use the slides (you teach your students!).

Want to be among the first schools to receive access to our new curriculum? Drop us a line at and we’ll walk  you through the process of joining our team of URSTRONG Schools! Schools who are part of our team before launch will get access immediately when it’s available.