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With customizable options for schools (including adding your school’s branding), the Friendship Journal combines executive functioning skills with social-emotional wellbeing.

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Friendship Journal: Year 1 & 2

Reflecting the concepts taught in Friendology, the Friendship Journal for this age group helps kids learn our core concepts in a fun and playful way. From colouring-in to word searches to matching activities, students apply their Friendship Ninja skills throughout the diary. A few highlights that are unique to this journal include:

  • Grab Your Grown-up: Each month features parent-child activities to provide lots of guidance for parents supporting their little nippers!
  • Friendship Ninja Tracker: We’re zooming in on very specific skills each month to help children recognize how little things (like sharing) can make a big difference in their friendships!
  • Reading Record: Knowing our little ones need to focus on home-reading, we have included a fun reading log where they can capture their minutes & reflections!

Friendship Journal: Year 3 & 4

We’re bringing the concepts taught in Friendology to life in this Friendship Journal while, at the same time, helping this age group learn important organizational skills. A few highlights that are unique to this journal include:

  • Weekly Planner: This journal provides lots of space for students to write down their homework for the week, special events, and things to remember – including a space for parents/carers to sign off!
  • Country of the Month: Weaving in conversations around diversity & respect, this journal highlights a different country each month and research opportunities!
  • Friendship Ninja Tracker: This interactive tracker encourages kids to apply specific friendship skills every two weeks with a goal of creating more green-zone friendships!

Friendship Journal: Year 5 & 6

Social-Emotional Learning meets Executive Functioning Skills with this annual planner. As always, everything we do is through the lens of friendship, so this Friendship Journal provides students lots of opportunities to reflect on the concepts taught in Friendology. A few highlights that are unique to this journal include:

  • Flexible Planner: With a more flexible and grown-up format, this journal provides lots of space for students to keep organized in a way that works for them!
  • Reflection Activities: We’re digging deeper into the concepts and themes to allow this age group a chance to really reflect on their own friendships & relationships!
  • Unique Design: Knowing what tweens are like, we have ensured the design and content meets the needs of our TikTok, meme-loving Gen Zers!

What URSTRONG Schools are saying
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We have loved seeing our Friendship Journal in the hands of kids and hearing about the many ways our URSTRONG Schools are using them!

Have a question about the Friendship Journal?

We’ve included some of the most common questions and answers below. Be sure to click here if you have a question that we haven’t addressed.

Can we customise the Friendship Journal?

Yep, you sure can! We’ve even had schools run contests to use student drawings as their cover pages! Plus, you get to choose your own colour! Here are some more details:

  • Build the Friendship Journal to reflect your school’s brand: all schools who purchase the Friendship Journal will be able to extensively customise the front and back cover by choosing the colour of the cover and include your logo and school photos.
  • Customise content to ensure your school’s critical information is included: we’re providing schools with up to 10 pages of custom content to ensure the Friendship Journal provides students and parents with all the important information they need. Examples of content include important school dates, dress code and behaviour standards, a letter from the Principal, Acknowledgement of Country and more.

What’s the age/grade range for the Friendship Journal?

For 2022, we will have 3 unique Friendship Journals – one for each stage (Years 1&2, Years 3&4, and Years 5&6). The activities all mirror our new Friendology 101 curriculum, bringing the concepts to life in a fun and playful way.

Want in a little secret? For 2023, we are developing a second version for each stage. This means, a child will never have the same Friendship Journal twice!! How cool is that!?!

The other cool thing is that we’ll keep the monthly themes consistent, so that a whole-school approach can still be implemented.

How much does it cost?

Yes, we thought you might ask that! Our current rate is $14 to $19 per copy depending on the number of Friendship Journals ordered. Obviously, the more you order, the cheaper it is! You can request a quote to find out exactly!

Is your school on a tight budget? You’re not alone! We have had some schools get super creative by splitting the cost between the school and parents. And, we’ve also had schools get their Friendship Journals subsidized by corporate sponsors. It’s a great way to engage the community… Learn what the schools in Maroondah, Victoria have done! 

Our school already has a branded diary. Can we get the digital files to embed the Friendship Journal in our diaries?

Yes, yes, and yes. We’ve had schools do this and it works really well. It allows your school to maintain their tradition, while bringing our exciting and fun content to your students. This is a win-win for everyone!!