Explicitly teaching children how to develop healthy friendships + manage conflict in a positive way is at the heart of helping them flourish. These important social skills are the key to creating safe schools and raising KIND + STRONG children.

This video is the first step in our Language of Friendship video-series where Dana (our Founder) will introduce you to URSTRONG’s simple framework for guiding children towards healthy friendships.

Continue Learning our Language of Friendship

Designed for kids in grades 3 to 6 in mind, our Language of Friendship video-series includes 8 videos plus this introduction (above) & a conclusion, mirroring concepts taught in our Friendology 101 friendship skills curriculum for URSTRONG Schools.

Each session is designed for you to watch alongside your child and covers the following concepts:

Session 1: Connecting with the Real You
Session 2: How to Make Friends
Session 3: What’s Normal in a Friendship
Session 4: Healthy vs Unhealthy Friendships
Session 5: How to Put out Friendship Fires
Session 6: Standing up to Mean-on-Purpose Behavior
Session 7: Dealing with an Unhealthy Friendship
Session 8: How to Calm the Butterflies 

You’ll also get access to hundreds of resources like helpful articles & activities to continue supporting you and your child on their friendship journey. Let’s empower your child with friendship skills!

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