At URSTRONG, we look at social-emotional wellbeing through the lens of friendship.

This month, we’re shining the light on the importance of TRUST in friendships which is featured in our beloved 4 Friendship Facts. Friendship Fact #3: Trust & Respect are the two most important qualities of a friendship.

Within our Friendology 101 friendship skills curriculum for schools, students learn what trust looks like in-action. Our URSTRONG Schools teach children that, “Trust is when you can count on your friend – you believe them and know they are true to their word.”

For children, trust is earned over time through tiny moments like… Their friend promises to be their partner and keeps their deal! They borrow their friend’s markers – they take good care of them and give them back! Their friend tells them the truth! They take turns playing the game and it feels fair!

Friendship Fires ignite when trust is broken and a healthy friendship cannot exist without it. Trust creates security and safety in a friendship, which is necessary for connection and belonging.

Whether you are a teacher or a parent, enjoy our TRUST Freebie – a fun colouring-in sheet to anchor a conversation about the importance of trust. Let us know how it goes by tagging us on social media or reaching out directly at

Friendology 101: Friendship Skills Curriculum
From Early Years to Grade 8

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