At URSTRONG, we look at social-emotional wellbeing through the lens of friendship. This month, we’re shining the light on the importance of KINDNESS in friendships.

Kindness counts! As Dana shared in this interview with the The Sydney Morning Herald, pop culture has led us to believe that popular kids are the “mean” kids who rule the roost, but the reality is that the most well-liked kids are the ones who are kind. The 20-year study that Kasey Edwards references proves that kids who exhibit social-emotional skills are more likely to be successful and happy later in life.

Our URSTRONG Schools teach children to be KIND-ON-PURPOSE. They remind them that Friendship Ninjas surround themselves with friends in the Green-Zone on the Friend-o-Meter and are Green-Zone Friends to others. They explore the qualities Friendship Ninjas NEED to create Green-Zone Friendships, summing it up in just two words: KIND + STRONG.

Whether you are a teacher or a parent, enjoy our KINDNESS Freebie – a fun colouring-in sheet to anchor a conversation about the importance of kindness.
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Friendology 101: Friendship Skills Curriculum
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