At URSTRONG, we look at social-emotional wellbeing through the lens of friendship. This month, we’re exploring the importance of HONESTY in friendships.

Through our Friendology 101 curriculum, our URSTRONG Schools teach students how to be brave and have open, honest conversations with their friends. They are encouraged to ‘speak their truth’ and stand strong in their values. Creating a culture of kindness in schools allows children to feel safe, cared for, and accepted for who they are…which ensures all children feel a sense of community and belonging.

While we do want to encourage children to tell the truth, it is important they learn that they can be kind & honest at the same time. Rather than “honesty is the best policy”, we believe that “kindness is the best policy“… Our URSTRONG Schools have a fun lesson this month about stinky socks – how can you politely tell someone their socks smell? Is it even possible? Is it necessary?

Enjoy this month’s FREE colouring-in sheet that reminds children to speak their truth. Click on the image below and feel free to share using the Facebook or Twitter links.