At URSTRONG, we look at social-emotional wellbeing through the lens of friendship. This month, we’re shining the light in on DIVERSITY – a celebration of all the wonderful differences between us that make the world a better place!

Within our Friendology 101 friendship skills curriculum for schools, we teach children our 4 Friendship Facts. These Friendship Facts help children develop realistic expectations in their friendships, so they feel prepared and empowered.

Friendship Fact #2: Every friendship is different

This seems like common sense, but children often expect every friendship to operate in the same way. They need to understand that every friendship is different because every person is different. Our URSTRONG Schools help their students understand that each friendship is unique and requires its own set of instructions.

We also help children recognize that the differences between us make the world a better place. Whether you are a teacher or a parent, enjoy our Diversity Freebie – a powerful colouring-in sheet to encourage children to see the beauty and strength in diversity.

Let us know how it goes by tagging us on social media or reaching out directly at We’d love to see your Friendship Ninjas celebrating diversity!

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