Introducing Friendology 101

Our whole-school approach is built upon our award-winning Friendology 101 curriculum. Please take a moment look at this video to gain a better understanding of the core concepts that we teach with URSTRONG founder, Dana Kerford.

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How will URSTRONG improve our school?

  • Created by a teacher, for teachers with lesson plans, videos and activities prepared with your needs in mind. Weekly updates and regular webinars ensure that you’re always current!

  • Kid-friendly language and concepts that can be immediately put into practice are keys to a positive, lasting impact. As one teacher put it, “So simple and so effective!

  • Using a fun, ‘real life’ approach, URSTRONG provides practical relationship strategies to improve the social climate in your classrooms and in your own relationships as well.

  • We’re all about empowering kids with the skills to manage their friendships while providing teachers and parents with a common language to support them. A whole school strategy is key!

How do we become a URSTRONG School?

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Check out our free resources:

Over 60 resources (and growing!), all tailored to help educators improve the social dynamics in their classrooms and teach students friendship skills step-by-step.


Friendology 101: Introduction

Want a sneak peek into our Friendology curriculum? Watch Dana teach Session 1, designed with kids in grades 3 to 6 in mind.

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Friendship Ninja Headbands + Ninja Training

Every ninja needs a headband before going into training! (Warning: Your classroom will look like an episode of Ninja Warrior!) 

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Create a ‘Natural’ Friend-o-meter

Fresh air? Yes, please! Get outside with this fun activity and teach your students there are Friend-o-meters all around them!

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Join our global community of schools

We’ve had the opportunity to work with over 50,000 students, parents and teachers around the world and we’re just getting started! We can’t wait to empower more kids with these critical skills and here’s a list of our school partners who are leading the way.