31 classes, 4,000+ children, 25 countries

On May 15, 2020 we ran our final public URSTRONG Classroom session. For two months, we ran (drum roll, please!) 31 URSTRONG Classroom lessons for free, welcoming over 4,000 children into our online space from 25 countries! Our biggest class had 450 kids at one time – a very cool experience for all of us. We also hosted Karen Young, anxiety expert, for almost 500 parents and educators.

As we’ve said, our primary focus during the pandemic and school closures has been on Keeping Kids Connected knowing the significant connection between friendship and wellbeing. From our virtual birthday party (with cakes & a rockstar!), to our hilarious session with potatoes, to our dance parties & Pictionary, to all of our serious, honest conversations about the big feelings we have inside. We feel we were successful in bringing fun, friendship, and positivity into homes – and we hope each one of our students felt the love. I can honestly say, I personally felt so connected to every single child – some of whom came to almost every single session. I hope these beautiful kids will carry their inner-Ninja with them always and use their friendship skills as they re-integrate back to school.

As a culminating project, we asked the kids to share some Life Lessons they learned in the URSTRONG Classroom. We loved seeing messages of inspiration, hope, and empowerment.

I can’t thank the parents of these kids enough for trusting us with their children and understanding the importance of social-emotional wellbeing. The URSTRONG Classroom has absolutely been the silver-lining of this pandemic for me…isolation felt a little less isolating.