Secret Ninja School

Lesson Plan Glossary

Glossary of Terms

At URSTRONG, we believe it’s important to use kids’ language for kids’ problems. That’s why we have our very own, unique language of friendship. Here are some important terms that children, parents, and teachers learn in our program.

Friendship Fire®: Any situation between you and a friend that results in negative feelings.

Mean-on-Purpose: When someone is intentionally unkind to someone else.

Quick Comeback: A very short word or phrase that is used when someone is Mean-on-Purpose. Quick Comebacks are designed to let the other person know that you heard/saw what they did and you’re not okay with it.

Friend-o-meter: A visual tool that assesses the health of friendships, ranging from the healthy zone to the unhealthy zone.

Friend-o-cycle: The normal cycle in a friendship that brings the friendship back to the healthy zone after experiencing a Friendship Fire. The phases of the Friend-o-cycle are: Healthy Friendship – Fire – Confront the issue – Talk-it-Out – Forgive & Forget – Closer & Stronger – Healthy Friendship…

4 Friendship Facts: A set of four facts that help us have realistic expectations in our friendships so we understand what is normal.

  1. No friendship (relationship) is perfect.
  2. Every friendship is different.
  3. Trust & Respect are the two most important qualities of a friendship.
  4. Friendships change…and that’s okay.

Red Shirt Girl and Striped Shirt Boy: Two characters that remind us about the importance of body language.

Friendship Ninja: A Friendship Ninja is someone who surrounds themselves with friends in the healthy zone of the Friend-o-meter. A Friendship Ninja is kind and friendly to everyone. A Friendship Ninja understands the 4 Friendship Facts and puts out their Friendship Fires when they ignite. A Friendship Ninja stands up for themselves and their friends. A Friendship Ninja makes new friends and understands that friendships change…and that’s okay. Above all else, a Friendship Ninja is someone you want to be friends with because they’re true to who they are!

Combine imagination + adventure + movement + friendship as kids befriend an Evil Genius with “Kicks”!

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Our friend, “Kicks”, is an expert at teaching kids how to make friends with…exercise. The Secret Ninja School brilliantly uses the power of storytelling and imagination to get kids physically active. Through daily online adventures, kids get their hearts pumping in a fun, playful way.

Countless studies prove that exercise and physical activity have an immensely positive impact on wellbeing, improving mood and cognitive skills. When it comes to friendship skills, it’s important for children to strengthen their inner-ninja. With a strong inner-ninja, kids become masterful at self-regulation, self-compassion, and self-care. To be a good friend to others, we start by teaching kids to be a good friend to themselves. This lesson combines both!

Key Outcome

Your students will get active through an imaginative adventure, while learning how being a good friend makes the world a better place.


Note: Kids perform gross motor movement activities like rolls and even handstands against a wall. This lesson is ideal in a gymnasium or in a big studio. If you’re in your classroom, you will want to push your desks and chairs out of the way.


  1. Start by asking the students what it means to be a Friendship Ninja. Encourage them to reflect on The Friend-o-meter and all the ways they can be a green-zone friend to others.
  2. Say, “Today is an exciting day because my friend, Kicks, has invited us into his Secret Ninja School! He needed some Friendship Ninjas to help him bring colour back into his world. Do you think you can help him?”
  3. Get the kids to spread out, ensuring their waterbottles are nearby. Remind them to be safe and careful as they go on this very special adventure. Encourage the kids to have fun using their imagination!
  4. Play the 20-minute video.
  5. Afterwards, ask the students: “How did you bring colour back into the world? In what ways were you a good friend to the Evil Genius? What colour is your friendship with the Evil Genius on The Friend-o-meter?”

Next Steps

Encourage your students to Colour the World with Kindness with this adorable video. Get them to identify all the little acts of kidness that brought colour back into the world, just like their adventure with Kicks!