Body Language Charades

Activity Glossary

Glossary of Terms

At URSTRONG, we believe it’s important to use kids’ language for kids’ problems. That’s why we have our very own, unique language of friendship. Here are some important terms that children, parents, and teachers learn in our program.

Friendship Fire®: Any situation between you and a friend that results in negative feelings.

Mean-on-Purpose: When someone is intentionally unkind to someone else.

Quick Comeback: A very short word or phrase that is used when someone is Mean-on-Purpose. Quick Comebacks are designed to let the other person know that you heard/saw what they did and you’re not okay with it.

Friend-o-meter: A visual tool that assesses the health of friendships, ranging from the healthy zone to the unhealthy zone.

Friend-o-cycle: The normal cycle in a friendship that brings the friendship back to the healthy zone after experiencing a Friendship Fire. The phases of the Friend-o-cycle are: Healthy Friendship – Fire – Confront the issue – Talk-it-Out – Forgive & Forget – Closer & Stronger – Healthy Friendship…

4 Friendship Facts: A set of four facts that help us have realistic expectations in our friendships so we understand what is normal.

  1. No friendship (relationship) is perfect.
  2. Every friendship is different.
  3. Trust & Respect are the two most important qualities of a friendship.
  4. Friendships change…and that’s okay.

Red Shirt Girl and Striped Shirt Boy: Two characters that remind us about the importance of body language.

Friendship Ninja: A Friendship Ninja is someone who surrounds themselves with friends in the healthy zone of the Friend-o-meter. A Friendship Ninja is kind and friendly to everyone. A Friendship Ninja understands the 4 Friendship Facts and puts out their Friendship Fires when they ignite. A Friendship Ninja stands up for themselves and their friends. A Friendship Ninja makes new friends and understands that friendships change…and that’s okay. Above all else, a Friendship Ninja is someone you want to be friends with because they’re true to who they are!


Did you know that communication is about wayyy more than what you say!? You can say a whole lot with your body without even opening your mouth!! Your posture, the way you stand, the ways you move your arms and body, your facial expression, and the ways you move your eyes can really convey a message.

Communication without using spoken words is called non-verbal communication – which is often referred to as “body language”. In fact, a scientist called Professor Albert Mehrabian researched the ways that we communicate and found that 55% of all of our communications are through body language (that is over half of our communication!), 38% relates to our tone of voice, whilst only 7% actually relates directly to the words we use. That’s pretty amazing, hey?! (And, for the older kids, it’s no wonder our text messages, Insta posts, Snaps, and emails get misinterpreted!)

Have you ever rolled your eyes at your parents when they’ve said something that’s bugged you? Have you ever crossed your arms or stomped your feet when something didn’t go your way? Have you ever put you hands on your hips when you’ve been frustrated? If your answer is “yes”, then you are already a body language pro! Body language can be positive, like a warm smile or negative, like an angry scowl. Messages conveyed through body language can be strong and clear or subtle and easily misinterpreted.

Sometimes we forget how powerful our body language can be – sometimes even powerful enough to spark Friendships Fires®!! Becoming aware of our own body language can help us to make sure that the messages that we are sending to our friends and the ways that we are communicating are effective, clear and kind. True Friendship Ninjas are very attuned to the body language of those around them and are also aware of their own body language. This activity will help you to practice your Friendship Ninja body language skillz!

Key Outcome

Your child will learn how to use positive, effective body language to better communicate their thoughts and feelings to the people around them!


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