Friendship Journal 2021



We’re excited to share the Friendship Journal, an ideal tool to reinforce URSTRONG’s common language of friendship between students, teachers and parents on a daily basis. We’re offering schools a physical sample of the Friendship Journal so you can see first-hand how this planner provides students with a huge variety of fun and interactive activities along with everything they need to stay organized and track their progress towards becoming Friendship Ninjas!

  • Fully customizable for schools to reflect their brand and include critical information for students and parents!
  • Flexible formats that include monthly and weekly calendars and a variety of goal-setting and to-do lists to reflect individual planning preferences
  • Monthly themes, like diversity, gratitude and kindness, presented through the lens of healthy relationships
  • A perfect companion for schools teaching Friendology 101 with daily friendship activities to support a school’s efforts to create a culture of kindness.
  • And of course we’ve got stickers because everyone loves stickers!