Tania O’Neill

Calgary, AB, Canada
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Tania has had a fulfilling 22 year career at Hull Services, a non-profit organization in Calgary, Canada that support children and families facing mental-health, behavioural, and developmental challenges.

Tania’s professional background includes providing counselling, facilitating psycho-educational groups, parent education, and providing in-home parenting support. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and is a member of the leadership team at a therapeutic treatment program working with children who have faced significant trauma.

Tania has a passion for teaching social-emotional skills, now more than ever as children face many pressures in their worlds. She is passionate about empowering children to recognize their own strengths and individuality, as well as appreciating the differences of others. She feels strongly about teaching children the skills to manage conflict, giving them the core skills that they require to maintain healthy relationships, now and throughout life.

Tania is a mom to two kids, Keiran and Ireland, and has been a Licensed Presenter with URSTRONG since 2012. She has done countless workshops in and around Calgary, rural Alberta, and British Columbia.