Lisa Jones

Calgary, AB, Canada
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Lisa Jones is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach with 15 years of experience leading, teaching, guiding and facilitating.

Lisa has always been curious about people and what makes them tick, which led her to study sociology at the University of Western Ontario. After graduating, Lisa’s adventurous spirit took her around the world, from a remote village in the Philippines with no electricity or running water to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Lisa went on to become the General Manager of a high-end boutique guest ranch in British Columbia where she designed youth programs, teaching children to effectively communicate with one another and with horses. Through her programming, she saw children become more confident and resilient.

Lisa soon discovered a new way to harness her passion for igniting the potential in people, by becoming a certified life coach. Now, she is living her purpose and dream of helping people connect to their most powerful selves.

Lisa, a mother of three, believes that children are just like adults; in order to thrive they need love, connection, guidance, respect, and compassion. As a Licensed GirlPower & GoodGuys Presenter, Lisa is committed to empowering children & tweens to believe in themselves and gain the confidence to build positive & healthy friendships.

Passionate. Energetic. A Life-Changer. A Proud Mother of 3. Dog Trainer. A Motivator. Forgiving. A Conversation-Starter. A Relationship-Builder. Eternal Optimist. Intuitive. Loving. A Leader. Competitive. Loud Laugher. Blessed to be Part of an Awesome Blended Family with 1 Husband, 8 Parents, 10 Siblings, 6 Nieces & 3 Nephews. Creative. Strong. Enthusiastic. Wannabe Rebel. Trusting. Connector. Curious.