Kate Walton

Perth, WA, Australia
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Kate began her career working as a school psychologist with high school students.

After working to combat a range of social, emotional and academic challenges in this environment she became passionate about working with younger students, taking a preventative approach to addressing these concerns. Having been an attendee of an all girls’ school herself, Kate understands and relates to the pitfalls girls face in needing to be responsible for themselves and their actions and manage the difficulties of their relationships in positive ways – something many girls struggle with.

Kate was inspired to return to university and complete her Masters in Teaching, enabling her to step into the classroom and work closely to develop the emotional and social skills of her own group of students. Using Friendology 101 regularly in the classroom has allowed the girls opportunities to independently resolve friendship issues and continue to develop their relationships with many of their peers. Kate has observed first-hand how extensively girls and their families have benefited from using the URSTRONG curriculum & resources. Sharing a common language between everyone empowers young girls to make changes that lead to happier, healthier and more positive lives.

As a Licensed URSTRONG Presenter since 2014 and mum to two gorgeous children, Kate is committed to empowering children with the skills and language to create healthy relationships.