Portrait of Marianne VardalosPortrait of Marianne Vardalos as a kid

Marianne Vardalos Presenter

Marianne Vardalos, Ph.D., is a sociologist and educator in the field of critical media literacy, social justice and gender equity.

As a professor at Laurentian University, Marianne lectures, facilitates workshops and hosts seminars on the social construction of gender in popular culture and society at large. She is committed to developing critical thinking skills in youth and equipping them with the tools needed to challenge pervasive cultural images of gender inequality. Her research focuses on democratizing the media through strategies which motivate audiences to move from passive consumption of images to active participation in civil society.

As a Licensed URSTRONG Presenter since 2013, she seeks to inspire young girls and boys to create their own destiny, to seek healthy, reciprocal relationships and to cultivate within themselves the strength to reach their personal goals.

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