Portrait of Lisa ThatcherPortrait of Lisa Thatcher as a kid

Lisa Thatcher Presenter

Lisa Thatcher has worked at Perth College since 2012, assisting with the school’s InsideOut sequential self-leadership programme – the first of its kind in any Western Australian school.

The programme is for girls from Kindergarten to Year 12 and is the first stage of a Centre of Excellence for Women. Through the GirlPower courses held at Perth College as part of InsideOut, Lisa has seen firsthand the positive impact on overall wellbeing and academic success such initiatives provide.

Lisa previously worked in the beauty industry for 10 years, five of them in a managerial role, providing her with experience in training and developing interpersonal skills. She takes pride in her ability to connect with people from a variety of backgrounds. Lisa is currently completing her Bachelor of Education at Curtin University after returning from five years travelling and living in Europe and North and Central America. During this time she developed a strong sense of herself and her personal ‘True Colours’, as well as the importance of being strong and standing up for her beliefs. Lisa connected with the key concepts of GirlPower after recognizing the sometimes difficult process of making and keeping new friends, and the importance of surrounding oneself with healthy friendships.

As a Licensed URSTRONG Presenter since 2014, Lisa is passionate about empowering both girls and boys to recognize and apply their personal strengths, appreciate the differences in others and resolve conflict in a positive manner.

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