Cathy Abramson is a Teacher & Wellbeing Mentor who is passionate about the wellbeing of children, adults, and communities.

After attending Teacher Training with URSTRONG in Sydney, Cathy was appointed Wellbeing Mentor in 2019 to teach and lead the implementation of URSTRONG and Friendology across the school from Kindergarten to Year 6. She was impressed and inspired by her students, who used the skills of Friendology to resolve conflict in positive ways. Cathy saw them develop healthy relationships with themselves and others.

With 29 years of teaching experience and a Bachelor of Education, Cathy brings a wealth of classroom experience to the URSTRONG Team. She is also in the final year of her Graduate Diploma of Counselling and has recent training in Enabling Growth Mindsets, Practising Positive Communication, and Building Optimistic Thought Patterns.

Cathy is also deeply committed to her volunteer work, focused on creating a positive influence in the lives of children and young people in crisis.

When not working, you’ll find Cathy reading, resting, and spending time with family and friends.


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