Like all skills, friendship skills take practise and develop over time with consistent reinforcement and teaching. Consider Friendology the foundation – you need to keep building from there, progressing students through those Higher Order Thinking Skills (Blooms Taxonomy).

Our Resource Centre has hundreds of lesson plans and activities that allow you to dig deeper. As a student-centred educator, consider what areas your students need to work on. Are they still having trouble putting out their Friendship Fires? Do they need to work on their Quick Comebacks? Or maybe there’s a very specific issue they’re dealing with, like gossip or unhealthy friendship groups or exclusion? Search our resources by filtering by topic, grade, or use the keyword search.

Our URSTRONG Schools also keep reinforcing the skills all year long through things like assemblies, student leaders (“Friend-o-Leaders”), supervision lanyards, newsletters, & national events like Harmony Day. There are also lots of ways to keep weaving our strategy into your school community, creating an even stronger foundation of friendship.