I’m so glad you asked! We’ve now done hundreds of online workshops since COVID-19 closed schools down and are pros at this “new way” of teaching. While in-person workshops are still possible in areas we have Licensed Presenters, our online workshops have proven to be just as impactful and, in the case of our parent-child workshops, EVEN BETTER!

For Day of Friendship workshops, we create zoom links for each session. Students can log-in via their individual devices or teachers can log-in and display the session up on their interactive boards or screens.

For our Language of Friendship (parent-child) workshop, parents register online to attend. They are sent the log-in details and simply click on the link when it’s go-time. Parents & children have the option to have their cameras on/off and can use the chat functionality to ask questions. The school is requested to welcome their families at the beginning and introduce our Presenter!