No, but it’s highly recommended. In order for them to teach their students to be Friendship Ninjas, they must be Friendship Ninjas themselves!

Our Friendology 101 Educator Training is video-based and included within the Good Friends, Great Friends, and Best Friends memberships. It allows your teachers to learn directly from our Founder, Dana, at any time. In addition to learning how to teach the curriculum and implement a whole-school strategy, they will learn the science of friendship and why social-emotional learning must be prioritized in schools! Many of our URSTRONG Schools have had their entire staff trained in our curriulum, so that they’re all on the same page and working together as a team. Another bonus within the training is seeing pictures and hearing ideas from other URSTRONG Schools around the world!

If your school is ready to be Best Friends, you get two live sessions to bookend your training. You also receive guided support to help you plan the perfect schedule, along with lots of tips and guidance from Tyson, our Director of URSTRONG Schools.