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Can I attend a workshop that is listed as private?

No, private workshops are only for the members of that specific school community. Please keep your eye out for another public workshop close by to you that you can attend, or consider asking your school to host a Language of Friendship (parent-child) workshop.

What if I’m attending a parent-child workshop and have a younger child who isn’t yet school-aged. Can I bring them along?

Our workshops are only for school-aged children and their parents/caregivers. We are not able to accommodate younger children at our in-school workshops (unless a school specifically states that they are providing childcare for the duration of the workshop). However, for our online workshops, you are more than welcome to have them sit in on the session… We’ve even had beloved pets attend our sessions! (One dog transformed into a Friendship Ninja! Anything is paw-sible!)

For a Language of Friendship (Parent-Child) Workshop do both myself and my child need a ticket?

Yes, every person who attends a workshop needs a ticket (both adults and children). It is also very important that you attend together… This workshop is designed for interactive activities and will strengthen your connection (along with teaching you both lots of tips for forming healthy, feel-good friendships!).

What if there is not a workshop in my area?

If you would like to attend a Language of Friendship (parent-child) workshop and you can’t see a public workshop online, the best thing to do is introduce your child’s school to URSTRONG and invite them to host a workshop!

You can also reach out to us to let us know that you’d like to see something happening at your school and we will support you as you introduce URSTRONG to your school community. We do host public Language of Friendship workshops online a few times throughout the year.