• Is URSTRONG an anti-bullying program?

    Here at URSTRONG we intentionally do not position our company as an anti-bullying organization as we believe that providing children, at an early age, with the skills and language to normalize and manage conflict between friends and differentiate everyday disagreements from ‘mean-on-purpose’ is the most effective preventative strategy to combat bullying.

    Our program employs kid-friendly language and concepts to maximize the knowledge retention and skills development and we speak to children across the full ‘sensitivity spectrum’ (addressing shy/sensitive kids who might profile as ‘victims’ as well as the outspoken/aggressive kids who might profile as ‘bullies’).

  • We want to bring URSTRONG to our school. Where’s the best place to start?

    We’ve found that hosting a Language of Friendship (parent-child) workshop is a great way to introduce URSTRONG to your school community for a few reasons:

    • These workshops are very popular as they provide a host of kid-friendly concepts and tips for parents to create dialogue with their children around friendship issues.
    • We also provide complimentary tickets to all teachers so that they can learn the same language and skills to support the students at school.
    • This is also a great no-cost option for schools as they most often provide a venue and promotional support while the parents register and pay for themselves.

    Every school has different needs and challenges and most of our introductions have come from dedicated parents, teachers or administrators who have emailed or called to learn about URSTRONG.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@urstrong.com to start the conversation.

  • Our school already has a wellbeing program? Can we integrate URSTRONG?

    URSTRONG is a school-wide relationship strategy (rather than a one size fits all ‘program’) that can complement existing wellbeing programs or serve as the foundation for an emerging social emotional wellbeing program at your school.  Be sure to get in touch to learn how schools at different stages of their wellbeing journey have integrated URSTRONG into their wellbeing frameworks.

  • How do I know if URSTRONG aligns with our curriculum guidelines?

    We are committed to ensuring that our URSTRONG curriculum is current, relevant and fits within curriculum guidelines too! In our Educator Resource Centre you will find documents that map our URSTRONG Curriculum to standards around the world including the Australian Curriculum and a Scope and Sequence document that will help you introduce Friendology 101 to your students.

  • What if there is not a workshop in my area?

    If you would like to attend a Language of Friendship (parent-child) Workshop and you can’t see a public workshop in your area, the best thing to do is introduce your child’s school to URSTRONG and invite them to host a workshop! You can also reach out to us to let us know that you’d like to see something happening at your school and we will support you as you introduce URSTRONG to your school community.

  • For a Language of Friendship (Parent-Child) Workshop do both myself and my child need a ticket?

    Yes, every person who attends a workshop needs a ticket (both adults and children).

  • What if I'm coming to a workshop and have a younger child who isn't yet school aged, can I bring them along?

    Our workshops are only for school-aged children and their parents/care givers. We are not able to accommodate younger children at our workshops (unless a school specifically states that they are providing childcare for the duration of the workshop).

  • Can I attend a workshop that is listed as private?

    No, private workshops are only for the members of that specific school community. Please keep your eye out for another public workshop close by to you that you can attend, or considering asking your school to host a Language of Friendship (parent-child) workshop.

  • I am a Psychologist/Counsellor/Group Leader or run my own program for kids, can I join the URSTRONG Schools Community and get access to Friendology 101?

    URSTRONG is designed only for use in school settings (written by a teacher, for teachers). Therefore, as a private practitioner you are not eligible to join the URSTRONG Schools Community, nor are you licensed to deliver Friendology 101. However, there are tonnes of other ways that you can connect with us at URSTRONG!

  • Do you offer your curriculum in different languages?

    Currently our Curriculum and resources are only available in English. Hopefully one day we will be able to offer our resources in a range of languages!

  • What if my child is in Year/Grade 2, can they attend the workshop for Years/Grades 3 to 6?

    You know your child best, so if you feel they have the maturity to cope with the session being pitched at a slightly older audience then they are welcome to attend the session for Years 3 to 6 with you. The content of the sessions is similar and covers the same core concepts, however, the Year 3 to 6 session goes into things in a little more depth.

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