DIY Friendship Ninjas

Who loves stuffies? Who loves bag tags? Get crafty with this activity while kids make their very own Friendship Ninjas!

Outcome: Students will be able to identify the difference between a Friendship Fire® and Mean-on-Purpose behavior.

Age: Grades 3 to 6

Resources Needed: Crafting supplies (fabric, markers, colourful paper, glue), Friendship Ninja handout

About the URSTRONG Classroom

All lessons will centre on our flagship Friendology 101 curriculum, focused in empowering kids with friendship skills. A link will be emailed to parents prior to the session. Children simply click on the link when it’s time to join & ensure they have the required resources!

Here are a few questions you might have:

What platform are we using? Zoom. If your child will be logging in from an iPad, you will need to download the Zoom app.

How do I use Zoom? It’s super easy, you will essentially click on a link when it’s go-time. Click here to TEST it out on your end to make sure your audio and video are both working.

How will my child get the link? We will email it to you. If your child has their own email account, you can forward it to them.

Should my child be on an iPad or computer? Either will work. If they’re logging in from an iPad, they will need to download the Zoom app. Do this test on their iPad. Your child can wear headphones if they like.

What if I don’t want strangers to see my child? No problem. You can turn off your child’s video and audio. They can still chat, but they’ll be anonymous.

Do I attend with my child? No, but you will want to be there as ‘tech support’ in case they have issues. We want it to feel like a classroom, where they will be with kids from around the world.

Will my child need anything? Yes. Your child should have paper & writing utensils. The email that we send you with the link will let you know if we want them to bring along anything else.

What if I’m not tech-savvy? No worries. We’re trying to make this as easy as possible for you. We will open our classroom 15-minutes prior to start time so that parents + kids can ensure they’re ready to go.

What if we miss the class or the timing doesn’t suit us? No problem. We’ll send a replay to all registrants afterwards that will be available for 48 hours.

This webinar will air live from Noosa, Australia. Please be sure to consider the time-change if you’re in a different time zone or country.

  • Sydney and Melbourne, AUS: 11am
  • Perth, AUS and Hong Kong, HK: 9am
  • London, UK: 1am
  • Dubai, UAE: 5am
  • New York, USA and Toronto, CAN: Tuesday 7 April @ 9pm
  • Calgary, CAN: Tuesday 7 April @ 7pm
  • Los Angeles, USA and Vancouver, CAN: Tuesday 7 April @ 6pm

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