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National Education Summit (Melbourne)

Melbourne, VIC,

Student resilience and wellbeing are essential for both academic and social development, and are optimised by safe, supportive and respectful learning environments. Schools share this responsibility with the whole community.

Not only do confident and resilient children with a capacity for emotional intelligence perform better academically, these skills can also contribute to their ability to create strong social bonds and supportive communities, and to maintain healthy relationships and responsible lifestyles.

This Conference will cover the importance of wellbeing for both academic and social development together with areas of concern and strategies teachers can be equipped with to ensure positive outcomes for their students.

Join Tyson Greenwood, Head of Wellbeing at Trinity College, at 11:00-11:40 for A Whole School Friendship Strategy: The Heart of Wellbeing 

Relationships are the heart of wellbeing and learning, yet many schools do not have a whole-school friendship strategy. We will introduce educators to the science of friendship and how URSTRONG Schools around the world are creating cultures of kindness & belonging by teaching students a unique language of friendship. Tyson hopes to empower educators with practical strategies to improve the social climate in their classrooms. He will demonstrate how the student friendly common language and easy to adapt strategies will have a lifelong impact in the lives of the students when it is embedded in schools.



1 Convention Centre Pl, South Wharf
Melbourne, VIC 3006

Presented by:

Tyson Greenwood