There’s lots of exciting things happening at URSTRONG! We love sharing our key milestones as we work towards our goal of bringing friendship skills to children from all corners of the world.

Two Words to Say to Kids When They Mess up

Time and time again, the little people in our lives say and do the wrong thing. That’s because they’re still learning and they’re human. Just like us adults, they make…

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10 Reasons to NOT Call the Other Child’s Parents

Let’s start with this: You love your child. That love you feel for your child is raw and visceral – that kick-in-the-stomach kind of love. And, because of that, nothing hurts…

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Why your kids don’t need to be friends with everybody!

Published October 2018 in the Sydney Morning Herald Written by Kasey Edwards “Be friends with everyone”. I don’t know how many times I’ve given my two daughters this advice. And…

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Boundaries in Friendships: Drawing the Line

Teaching Children to Respect their own Boundaries   You can learn so much about a child by watching how they behave at recess time. You see some kids who race…

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8 Tips to Help Children Build Resilience

“Resilience” has become a common word heard around schools and seems to be a big focus for both educators and parents. While we understand the importance of helping our children…

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A Community Partnership in Maroondah, Victoria

Healthy, connected relationships create healthy, connected communities! The Maroondah Positive Education Network in partnership with the Eastland Shopping Centre and the Maroondah City Council are bringing URSTRONG’s Friendology program to…

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